Spring 2019 A Session Groups

Bible Study

Leaders: BENJI

This group meets weekly to dive into scripture and talk about the impact on our lives. The subject is undecided but you can count on it taking place somewhere between Genesis and Revelation.


Leaders: Henry & Wes

This group is all about building community through sports and activities. Everything from rock climbing to volleyball to hiking is on the table! Meets at various times each week, just contact the leaders to find out more information!

Intro to Dungeons & Dragons

Leaders: Austin & Nick

Have you ever felt a call to adventure burning in your heart? Do you need to sit around a table with your friends and make up stories? Do you like collecting dice? If you answered yes or no to any of these questions, D&D may be for you! Come find out!

Dinner and Movie Night

Leaders: Madeline & Claire

Ever watching a flick and wish you had a nice home cooked meal to go with it? Well Dinner and Movie Night is just what you need. This group meets on a weekly basis for dinner followed by a movie!