Spring Leadership Applications

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This spring we're going to place an emphasis on our Leadership as a community. Part of that includes a regular meeting to help facilitate personal growth and foster the development of healthy community. While we understand that scheduling can be difficult, we believe a regular meeting is critical to the spiritual and community health of this ministry. We believe part of healthy Christian leadership is learning to lead as well as being led.
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We're asking everyone to submit to the same covenant as before, but we want everyone to know they have the opportunity to ask questions if there are areas of uncertainty. The staff person who disciples you (or another staff person) would be happy to talk with you about any questions or concerns you may have. You can read the covenant below on this page if you need a refresher.

KSU Wesley Leadership Covenant

  • I commit to be present at leadership prayer, Wesley services, discipleship, and ministry area meetings/ events. If I cannot attend, I will contact my discipler and let them know about my absence. I understand that if I show a strong pattern of missing prayer, services, or meetings/events for my ministry area, I may be asked to step down from Leadership and into a less active role. Even if this should happen, I understand that I am still an important and valued member of the Wesley community and role does not define my place in the ministry.

  • I will remember that as a leader in the Wesley community, I must conduct myself as  a responsible adult when it comes to social media and group messaging. I understand that the way I portray myself, Wesley, and other ministries in written form influences others much in the same way as if I spoke those words out loud. 

  • I agree not to “shack”, or spend the night at the home of a person of the opposite gender, while I am in Kennesaw. I understand that this is a way to live above reproach and to be a positive influence to others who may be struggling with boundaries. 

  • I will show good judgment when it comes to consuming alcohol. If I am under 21, I commit to follow the law and not consume alcohol. If I am 21 or older, I will show discernment in where and when I drink. I will not drink when anyone from the Wesley body under 21 is present, as this can be a temptation to some, and serve as an exclusionary practice for those who cannot legally drink. I will show moderation when I drink, so I can avoid drunkenness. Instead, I will appreciate the freedom I have in the Lord, and steward this freedom responsibly - "So, whether you eat or drink, or whatever you do, do everything for the glory of God” - 1 Cor 10:14

  • I will follow federal law and commit to abstain from any illegal drugs, illicit substances, or misuse of prescription drugs.

  • I will not worry or feel shame if these issues have been a part of my past. I will come to a member of the Wesley Foundation Director Staff if I have questions about the things laid out in this covenant, and I will seek their help if I find myself struggling with anything listed above. I understand that as a leader at Wesley, it is important for me to be responsible and mindful of my actions, but I will ask for help with these issues if I need it. I understand the Director Staff has my best interest at heart, and will show discretion and support in the event I seek their help.