Welcome and thanks for your interest in the KSU Wesley Leadership team for the Fall 2018/Spring 2019 session! We're very excited about the plans that God has for us this next year and are thrilled you're exploring your call to lead.

There are three weekly aspects of leadership we will be focusing on this year at KSU Wesley. These are structured around some of the essential components of a weekly walk with Christ and how those impact our time on campus.


Each of us is called as believers to invest in the community around us. Beyond that, as leaders we are called to be facilitators of community. Each leadership student is expected to be involved in leading or assisting with a community focus this next year. This will look different based on each leader's calling to serve in this next year and will be explored in the leadership interview process.


Discipleship is an essential aspect of our lives as Christians. It is the most personal way that we can invest in those around us. Discipleship at KSU Wesley has two components. The first is a weekly intentional meeting with a staff member or older student for development, spiritual growth, prayer, and life support. This is a time for you to process what God is growing you in and to take you further in your walk with Christ. The second component is that we are called to not just be disciples, but to make disciples. Each leadership student will learn, be trained, and supported in seeking individual relationships that they believe God desires for them to invest in within the context of intentional discipleship.


Regular gathering, celebration of what God is doing in our lives, and thanking God together is a key rhythm for our weeks at Kennesaw State. This is a time for our communities to come together as one body and grow deeper in our faith together through teaching, worship, and our leadership prayer time before the service. For us this happens on campus at 8pm in the Student Center. Leadership will help serve campus by participating in worship, welcoming new students, and having specific responsibilities to assist in the Wednesday Night Worship Service including, leading music, hospitality, and our opportunities for students to take their next steps in community on campus.

We believe we're called to represent Christ on campus, both individually and as a collective. Our covenant helps us set expectations for all of the leadership Wesley, so that we may be salt & light to KSU. The covenant is a way for us to hold each other to a high standard in our relationships, and to challenge one another to be the best versions of ourselves that we can.


  • I commit to be present at leadership prayer, Wesley services, discipleship, and ministry area meetings/ events. If I cannot attend, I will contact my discipler and let them know about my absence. I understand that if I show a strong pattern of missing prayer, services, or meetings/events for my ministry area, I may be asked to step down from Leadership and into a less active role. Even if this should happen, I understand that I am still an important and valued member of the Wesley community and role does not define my place in the ministry.
  • I will remember that as a leader in the Wesley community, I must conduct myself as  a responsible adult when it comes to social media and group messaging. I understand that the way I portray myself, Wesley, and other ministries in written form influences others much in the same way as if I spoke those words out loud. 
  • I agree not to “shack”, or spend the night at the home of a person of the opposite gender, while I am in Kennesaw. I understand that this is a way to live above reproach and to be a positive influence to others who may be struggling with boundaries. 
  • I will show good judgment when it comes to consuming alcohol. If I am under 21, I commit to follow the law and not consume alcohol. If I am 21 or older, I will show discernment in where and when I drink. I will not drink when anyone from the Wesley body under 21 is present, as this can be a temptation to some, and serve as an exclusionary practice for those who cannot legally drink. I will show moderation when I drink, so I can avoid drunkenness. Instead, I will appreciate the freedom I have in the Lord, and steward this freedom responsibly - "So, whether you eat or drink, or whatever you do, do everything for the glory of God” - 1 Cor 10:14
  • I will follow federal law and commit to abstain from any illegal drugs, illicit substances, or misuse of prescription drugs.
  • I will not worry or feel shame if these issues have been a part of my past. I will come to a member of the Wesley Foundation Director Staff if I have questions about the things laid out in this covenant, and I will seek their help if I find myself struggling with anything listed above. I understand that as a leader at Wesley, it is important for me to be responsible and mindful of my actions, but I will ask for help with these issues if I need it. I understand the Director Staff has my best interest at heart, and will show discretion and support in the event I seek their help.